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Custom Framing & Canvas Stretching Services in Okemos, MI

At Framer's Edge, we specialize in providing custom framing services to art enthusiasts throughout the Okemos region. The next time you need a picture framed, contact us to let us know how we can help.

Custom Framing Services

Nothing adds personality to a picture quite like a beautiful custom frame from Framer's Edge. We offer a wide variety of picture frames, shadow boxes, and museum glass for artwork of any size and shape. Choose from thousands of moulding samples and hundreds of mats in every size.

Our trained employees are true experts at finding the best moulding and matting to accentuate the beauty of your artwork. No matter what type of frame you seek, we always have exactly what you're looking for.

Be sure to contact us to inquire about our canvas stretching and museum glass preservation services as well.

Custom Frame Moulding

We offer custom frames from over 20 frame moulding companies.  Here at Framer's Edge, we personally work with our reps and hand pick our selection.  Not only do we hand pick our selection, but we also make everything on-site!  We start by inspecting the frame, then chop and cut it to size.  Next we prep it, glue it, and nail it.  We then get the frame ready to add the matting and the artwork to create a beautiful piece for your home.  We hold ourselves to high standards, and work hard to assure that we deliver the highest quality product to our customers.  

Ready-Made Frames

We have a huge assortment of ready-made frames – both easel back and wall-mounted.  Some are purchased through other companies, and some we hand-make from custom frame moulding.  Come check out our supply! 

Sizes available include:











11 x 14

12 x 16

14 x 18

16 x 20

18 x 24

20 x 24

22 x 28

24 x 30

24 x 36


We design our shadow boxes and work with our customer's ideas closely in order to make their dreams a reality.  Examples of previous shadow box projects include: Dolls, jerseys, flags, slippers, coins, shark teeth, swords, golf clubs, clothing, antiques, and other

Graduation Ideas

We know how important it is to celebrate your child’s achievements by displaying them. Most importantly, choosing to frame with museum mounting materials will preserve their document for years to come.

We have some newly framed sample ideas, check them out!


Q: Why do "archival quality" materials matter?

A: Archival quality materials are essential in preserving any kind of art. We consider this in all aspects of the framing process. We offer acid-free backing and matting to help prevent fading and discoloration. We also offer UV-protectant glass to prevent light from permanently damaging your artwork.

Q: I have a last minute gift that I need rush ordered, is this possible?

A: Yes!  Because we chop, cut, prep, glue, and nail all of our frames on-site we can rush order a project to make sure we have your special gift completed on time!