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Prints and Contemporary Art

Browse the many modern art prints we offer:

We have catalogs in-stores and can order images and have them delivered either to our store or your home.  We can have them printed on either poster or canvas.  Our selections range from master's contemporary art, all the way to today's artists!


Poster prints are an affordable alternative to original artwork. Choose from a wide variety of styles and sizes to match the décor of your home. If we don't have what you seek, let us know and we will special order it from our extensive catalogue. Posters can be printed on paper or canvas.

Andy Warhol











Sports Images

Framer's Edge now sells items from Everlasting Images by Jeff Joseph.  Images include MSU, University of Michigan, and Detroit Tigers.  Images can be purchased framed or unframed.  (A special note about the Coach Dantonio portrait: the artist is giving a portion of the proceeds for each sale to the Spartan Fund Commission for women's sports.)

For his entire career as a fine artist, Jeff Joseph has specialized in painting sports.  

"My paintings are about the quiet moments of sports as well as the shifting and complex panorama of all sports.  I work only in oils and my fine art prints are published from my original oils on canvas.

Throughout the country, I provide collectors of my work, updates of all my new originals.

Before I start my original painting, I want to be accurate and precise, so most of the time I take numerous photos of my subjects. Next, I pencil sketch my design on the canvas and then I work with oil paints to finish the original. My originals take anywhere from 4 months to over a year to complete.

Thank you for considering my work."—Jeff Joseph

Andy Warhol

Andy Warhol

Andy Warhol was one of the most important artists of pop art, which was extremely popular around the second half of the 20th century.  Though he is best remembered for his paintings of Campbell's soup cans, he also created hundreds of other works including commercial advertisements and films.

Here at Framer's Edge, we offer hundreds of Andy Warhol prints.  Come by and browse our extensive Warhol collection.  We have any print you might want, from his most famous paintings to rare, special edition photographs.