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View great some of our glassware art below.


Kathy Hudson is a late bloomer.  Like many others, she was taught to pursue work that would "pay the rent" rather than work that would fulfill her soul.  Then she was introduced to the concept of "doing what you love to do."  It struck a chord within, and she immediately began a quest to find and "follow her bliss."  As fate would have it, Kathy found herself at age 40, unemployed in a very competitive job market.  It was in this time period she found her heart's passion in kiln fired glass.  Now, she works in her studio overlooking beautiful Lake Travis.  Her work is sold in galleries throughout the country, from Alaska to the Virgin Islands.  Kathy contributes much of the success of her business to her husband and soulmate, Bill, who enables and encourages her to follow her dreams.


Contemporary and Custom Blown Glass

Scott Grahm and Cristy Aloysi began their glassblowing careers at Urban Glass in New York City where they became fascinated with the ancient process of glassmaking.  The challenge of forming beautiful, handmade objects out of this molten material captivated them.  While in New York, they became involved in the city's energetic art and design world and have brought this influence into their work.  After Urban Glass, they went on to study at the Pilchuck Glass School, Haystack Mountain School of Crafts, and Centro Studio Ventro inVenice, Italy.  Scott and Christy have taught glassblowing at Urban Glass in Brooklyn, NY, Snow Farm in Williamsburg, MA, Pratt Fine Arts Center in Seattle, and at Maho Bay on St. John in the US Virgin Islands.  

In 2002, Scott and Cristy moved to Seattle, WA, the center of the American Art Glass Movement, to create a line of contemporary class objects for the home.  Their goal was to create pieces that are unique in their clean lines and simple designs.  The beauty of Viscosity glass is that no two are exactly the same.  Each one has been carefully shaped by the hands of the artists, creating a uniqueness that cannot be imitated by any machine.  In 2012, Scott and Cristy moved to Boulder Creek, CA with their two daughters.  Here, in the serene beauty of the Redwood Forest, they continue to create unique, functional, and sculptured glass forms.  Each piece of Viscosity glass is made to order, signed and dated by the artists.  When you purchase Viscosity glass, you are supporting the 3,000 year old tradition of glassmaking and the American art glass movement.  

Mad Art Glass

Shaded by palm trees and cooled by ocean breezes, the glassblowing studio of Rina Fehrensen and Michael Maddy is situated in north country San Diego.  There, in front of the 2000 degree furnaces, they create their colorful artwork.  

Rosetree Blown Glass

Rostree Glass Studio creates distinctive, artistic work, utilizing traditional glassblowing techniques.  Classical shapes, iridescent colors, and interior design are combined to provide a unique approach to an ancient art.

The creative force and owner, Mark Rosenbaum, brings to Rosetree an unusually diverse background in glassblowing, glass casting, ceramics, and jewelry.  The result is an exciting interpretation of the art of glass.

After receiving a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the Tyler School of Art, Mark became the first recipient of a Master of Fine Arts in Glassblowing from Tulane University.  Awarded a grant by the Louisiana Division of the Arts, he established the first privately-owned glassblowing studio in the state of Louisiana.  

Jordan Valley Glassworks

Located in East Jordan, MI, Jordan Valley Glassworks offers a large variety of different pieces, ranging from jewelry to vases and blown ornaments, to lawn ornaments and chandaliers.  Framer's Edge is proud to feature several unique objects from their line.  Check out the pictures to see what we have in the shop.