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Enjoy some of our great featured Pottery art below.

Clear Creek

Clear Creek Pottery is owned and operated by Steve Dalton of Snohomish, WA. Steve designs and produces all of the pottery made. All pieces are thrown on the pottery’s wheel using a high-fired stoneware clay body. The glazes used have been formulated to be durable for everyday use and prepared by Steve.

We are proud to have several of Steve’s beautiful pieces here at Framer’s Edge including bowls, casserole dishes, chip and dip plates, and garlic storage jars.  We’ll also be getting some other pieces later in the summer.

Bluewater Potters

After having spent the past 30 plus years as potters and husband and wife, we have explored just about every avenue of making a full time living through our craft. At one time or another we have taught, held workshops, done the art show curcuits, sold through galleries, and sold their pottery wholesale. All of these valuable experiences, we feel, helped us to ultimately open Bluewater Potters in the beautiful Florida Keys.

Since 1992 we have had the good fortune to live in the Keys and work in our own retail studio in paradise. Working and selling from one location has given us the opportunity to concentrate on our specialties while being able to tap into the never ending supply of inspiration taken from our surroundings. Our basic philosophy of form and function is constantly influenced by the colors, shapes, and textures of our tropical surroundings.

A small sampling of our pottery is offered to you here on this website. We produce items from spoon rests to dinnerware to lamps and architectural pieces. Special orders or unlisted items can be arranged with a phone call, or, if you are planning a trip to our islands please be sure to stop by.

Each piece of Bluewater Potters stoneware is individually hand crafted - dishwasher, oven and microwave safe. All clays and glazes are lead free and completely functional with normal care.

These pieces will give a lifetime of warmth and pleasure and we hope you will enjoy viewing and owning our pottery as much as we enjoy making it.

—Kim and Corky Wagner

Tom Chamberlain Pottery

Husband and wife Tom and Denise Chamberlain combine their ideas, talents, and interest in cooking to create unique forms unknown to traditional wheel thrown pottery. They use a stoneware clay body with gas-fired reduction which results in warm glaze colors, and a food safe finish. All of their pottery is oven, microwave, and dishwasher safe and includes a delicious taste tested recipe. We are proud to have a variety of pieces from Chamberlain Pottery here at Framer’s Edge.

Framer's Edge is excited about our Newest Tile Artist, Jo Ellen Kadzyk, owner of Art in Abundance Gallery in Grand Marais, MI. The tiles are a perfect staple for any Michigander's adventerous lifestyle.