Q: Why do "archival quality" materials matter?

A: Archival quality materials are essential in preserving any kind of art. We consider this in all aspects of the framing process. We offer acid-free backing and matting to help prevent fading and discoloration. We also offer UV-protectant glass to prevent light from permanently damaging your artwork.

Q: I have a last minute gift that I need rush ordered, is this possible?

A: Yes!  Because we chop, cut, prep, glue, and nail all of our frames on-site we can rush order a project to make sure we have your special gift completed on time!

Q: Do you carry shadow boxes? 

A: Yes! We carry a wide variety of custom moulding to create the perfect shadow box for your memories. We also have a select group of ready-made shadow boxes available.

Q: I have a mirror I need framed, can you do that for me?

A: Yes! We frame mirrors often and have all the materials to ensure they are framed to the highest quality.

Q: Can you repair a broken frame or glass?

A: We can repair most broken frames. Depending on the age of the frame you bring in, we will assess if a repair is possible. We also can replace broken glass, and damaged backing or hardware. In addition to these services, you can bring in any piece that has been framed in the past, and we can update it to ensure that it is framed with high-quality archival material, and can be passed on for generations to come.