Greeting Cards

Featuring the “Women and the Hourglass” Line from Marylou Falstreau.

Marylou Falstreau “Women and the Hourglass”

Waking from a dream and remembering only the words “women and hourglass,” artist, poet and workshop leader Marylou Falsteau was inspired to begin a creative and healing mission of discovery. The “Women and the Hourglass” series was born and is speaking to women across the United States and around the world.

Now is the time to wake up to Love, and Life and your own Magnificence! Now is the time to release the past and join the dance!

Andrea Jeris "Farmers Market"

There is energy in all things in the universe. When you look at something long enough that it is looking back at you, you may see the glow of that energy. I want to put that glow into paint so I can feel it again and again. She is also a local artist.

Lydia's Land

Our unique hand-crafted greeting cards for all occasions are characterized by warm, positive, uplifting quotations and sentiments. I decorate each greeting card with pieces of my artwork and illustrations, using a wide variety of materials, such as decorative paper, painted colored tissue paper, fabric, ribbon, paint, and more. All are created on 100% post-consumer-fiber recycled paper, processed chlorine-free.