Local Artists and Photographers

Here at Framer's Edge we pride ourselves on supporting local artists and photographers. Take a look at just a few of our featured artists!

Sharon Griffes Tarr

Williamston native Sharon Griffes Tarr trained at Chicago's American Academy of Art and has studied with and been influenced by many great artists.  In addition, Sharon studied ballet for many years, and she attributes her sensitivity to line and transitional movement in paintings to her ballet training.  Sharon loves painting both indoors and outdoors and utilizing light and shadow.  Framer's Edge is proud to have several of Sharon's pieces for sale. Stop in and view them today.

We also carry the Mackinac Island Cookbook that Sharon Tarr did the artwork for!

Sharon Griffes Tarr

Deb Brown

Born and raised in Lansing, Michigan, Brown sights music, art, and photography as always being a part of her life. While nature photography may be her main focus, Brown has recently branched off into architecture, people, and other subjects.

Deb Brown

Emily Wolf

Emily Wolf is an artist currently working primarily in oil painting. She earned a bachelor’s degree in fine art from Central Michigan University and now resides in East Lansing. Emily exhibits her work locally at Framer’s Edge and Gallery. “My work is constantly evolving, but a primary focus for me with painting has always been a textured look. I like to examine objects or pieces of nature until they seem to be saying something, then translate what I see onto canvas by breaking up my paint into little chunks. By creating very full compositions and sometimes using extremely close views of the subject matter, I can really highlight the interesting details in our world that usually go unnoticed. I also use the play of light and shadows to help create a sort of quiet drama in the scenes that I create. My goal is always to give my subject matter a unique voice and provide the viewer with an unexpected and pleasant experience.” —Emily Wolf

Emily Wolf

Juanita Baldwin

Juanita Baldwin is an artist who expresses her creativity through multimedia painting and photography. She enjoys the challenge each medium offers and the excitement of learning new techniques. Her intention is to invite the viewer to look at her landscapes and believe they have been there regardless of whether the scene is from her native country (Chile) or from other places such as the USA, Norway, China, or her imagination.

In her photographs, Juanita strives to create images that make her feel connected to them and that often produce an emotional response. Her intent is to capture images from real life, representational and abstract, with a single click. The use of technology is limited to minor dodging and burning.

Her paintings and photographs have received numerous awards, locally as well as in state-wide and national competitions.

Juanita Baldwin

Lynn Ochberg

In 1983 I had an opportunity to visit China after painting, drawing, sculpting, and crocheting for 30 years of life as a wife and mother. In China, I admired the silk embroidery, a craft that had existed for thousands of years. I spent the next year learning Mandarin at MSU and went back to China in 1984 with 11 other MSU students. We immersed ourselves in Chinese history and culture. I’ve been making silk embroidery portraits and landscape scenes ever since. Sometimes I use the camera app on my iPad to inspire me, and other times I do the faces of people and pets that I love. My only aim is to recreate the beauty that I see in this world around me. Being elderly, I can no longer trek to scenery with all my painting equipment or manage my heavy sculpting tools, so silk threads from China and France compose my new palette with a tiny needle, plain white cotton, and strong eyeglasses as my tools. The experts at Framer's Edge help to preserve my works under Museum Glass so that others can appreciate the love and precision that I put into these pieces long after I’m gone. Artwork is not for sale.

Colleen R. Cooper

Colleen R. Cooper grew up loving drawing and artistic expression.  She has always basked in the richness of color and the joy of expression.

Studying with successful artists – Sharon Griffies Tarr, Maria Ruggiero and Barbara McCleary – brought out and strengthened her techniques and skills.

Colleen’s work has focused on Michigan’s rich, varied landscapes from her homes in Leelanau Peninsula and East Lansing. Her intent is to visually bring forth joy, comfort and peace.

She has had two shows of her work in Northport and three in the Leelanau Artists Show in Leland, Michigan. Currently work is at Trishes Dishes in Leland, Michigan.

Her life goal is to live from wisdom, love and joy and to touch other’s lives to support them in bringing forth their unique passions and qualities.

Colleen R. CooperContact:
Email:  ccooper6@mac.com
Mobile: 231-432-0222

Colleen served on the faculty at Michigan State University and was president of New Perspectives Group, an organization development firm also doing executive coaching.

Richard Jordan

He began plein air painting in 1997 and it changed his life. Soaking in the surrounding landscape is as important to him as the painting itself. The sights, sounds and smells all play a role in his energy and mood right up to the final stroke of color. Artist, Phil Dike wrote, “A painting is good not because it looks like something, but rather because it feels like something.” He firmly believes that's true and hopes with each painting, he gets a little closer to that goal.

Tree Painting   Road Painting    Dirt Path   Lake

River    Trees    Lily Pads

Richard Jordan

Arnold Berkman

Arnold Berkman: Landscape and Fine Art Photography

Professional Website

Ruth Egnater

Ruth was born in Detroit, Michigan, and comes from an artistic family; her great grandfather, grandfather, and mother were all professional artists. She has been creating art since her first memories and has continued throughout her life. Ruth has experimented with many mediums, including pottery, oil painting, watercolor, life drawing, jewelry making, basket weaving, and loom weaving.

Since retiring from 35 years of nursing, Ruth has been creating art full time. Currently working as a full-time printmaker, she has been accepted to exhibitions in the United States and abroad. Ruth’s art is a reflection of her love of the outdoors and nature. Nearly all her prints showcase her passion for animals, the outdoors, and her unique sense of humor.

Feathers    Snails    Rabbits    Animals    Animals Alternate    Berries

Flowers    Boat    Four Birds